Business Systems

These systems have been on the market for several years and are being used by companies sevaral industries. 


FoodPackERP is business system designed by food production facility with years of experience producing high quality food products. This robust system for managing the production of food items includes features like end user management with the customer resource management tool. The production jobs track recipes and process instructions and all the required traceability a modern facility needs.

CartonERP is is a powerful business system used to manage folding carton plants. With proven track record of over 12 years of use, this constantly updated software with contemporary interface covers everything from the RFP to estimating, into production, finished goods inventory, and invoicing. The will run on any device that can open a web browser. It comes with a fully functional accounting system and supports bolting on a third party accounting system if our customer has one they prefer.

WorkPack offers long or short term consulting services in the area of Folding Carton Manufacturing, Manufacturing Managment, Materials Manage, Barcode Inventory, Warehouse Design, and custom systems for the Packaging Industry.