About Us

Clear Computer Systems was formed over ten years ago. Over the years we have grown and added members of the team to support software development, design, websites and consulting services.

We are a group of independent consultants work closely together to deliver top quality products and service.

Douglas Scranton 
Software Engineer, Database Manager, and Consultant


Kristie Vos
Consultant, Designer, Packaging Industry Expert


Frank Blanton
Consultant, Distribution Center (DC) Engineer


John Stewart
Supply Chain Consultant


Marina Carabellese
Editor, Web Designer, SEO Consultant

Bridges fascinate us. 

They’re manifestations of a vision--art and architecture defying gravity. They inspire us to travel to the other side.  

We build tools connecting people with information or connecting systems. In many ways, our software and endeavors are bridges, creating relationships and simplifying processes. Plus, let’s face it: we just love bridges in West Michigan.