Custom Software

Custom software with Clear Computer Systems, LLC:

Someone once asked me “who would need custom software?” Perhaps it is because we work with software every day, but I can't imagine running a business without the need for some customization. Many people circumvent the need for custom systems by building elaborate spreadsheets or folder systems; however, when you can create software that meets your specific needs, then opportunity is clear on almost every desktop.

In 1997, I developed my first business application - a system for tracking time spent on a job. Shortly after, I developed a piece of software to preset ink fountains on a printing press that significantly reducd setup time. Then, in 1999, I developed my first ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to manage everything from RFQs to invoicing. Since then, Clear Computer Systems, LLC has produced custom software for local engineering companies, manufactures, software companies, and the area's largest healthcare provider.

It's amazing to look back and see how much has changed in the realm of software design and development. With disk space so inexpensive, and the uses of ‘cloud computing', the possibilities are almost endless. Today, almost everyone in business is walking around with a computer in their pocket. We may call them just smartphones, but they are powerful tools that can be integrated into a business system, bringing even more options to business people that need access to the system from the road.

Most of the programming we do now is in php/mysql and Microsoft products. We love open source technologies and strongly encourage businesses to build on what is already available rather than starting from scratch. Over the last few years, we have invested heavily in custom code generation tools to accelerate the development process. The combination of these existing technologies, automated development, and extensive business experience allows Clear Computer Systems, LLC to create custom applications that can make your business more successful than ever.

Check out some of the systems we have developed in the last few years:

• ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems to manage a business more efficiently
• Estimating software to calculate the direct cost of products
• Bill Of Material software that generates RFQs for the suppliers that carry needed parts
• Time Tracking software for keeping detailed records on the progress of a job
• Patient Record systems for healthcare providers
• Engineering software used to select the best equipment and layout for a facility
• Barcode Inventory systems to maintain extremely accurate inventories and reduce cost
• Transportation Tracking software to record the transportation of people and materials

If you have a process that involves multiple people, and you are still sending folders from one desk to the next, then we should definitely talk.